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Who We Are

Urban Leasing & Realty (ULR) is a modern real estate brokerage dedicated to providing you with professional service and consultation in your real estate transactions. We provide each client with a detailed, informed consultation so you can make the best decisions about buying a house, renting an apartment, or whether to sell or lease a property. That translates to less stress while buying your house, (not to mention, keeping you from pulling your hair out looking for an apartment) and no midnight calls on your rental property (we might even make you smile!).

Real Estate Agents:

Every ULR agent lives and works in the real estate markets in which we specialize. That means that not only do we know the housing market, but we can talk about the restaurants and local hot-spots from experience (not just from Google maps). Our real estate agents know there is more to real estate than the closing.

What We Do:

Our business is real estate. We can help you buy lofts, houses, condos, and townhomes. We will sell them for you, too. We can help you rent an apartment or home as well. And we can manage any investment properties. We will always be ethical (while chivalry may be dead, integrity is not).

What We Don't Do:

We won’t waste your time. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you prompt, professional service. We won’t make false promises. While some of our service seems superhuman, alas we are mere mortals and we only promise what we know we can deliver.

At the end of the day (when we hang our capes up), we want to contribute to making the real estate industry better -- home by home, client by client.

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