Michelle Root


I am passionate about people and touching lives! My professional background, training and experience in sales/marketing and sales management/training has always been in the capacity of education and helping to lead a decision making process. Every decision we make in our lives is based from knowledge and understanding. As a real estate sales professional it is important to forge a strong working relationship with my clients understanding their needs, wants, short and long term goals, and how to best serve them. Choosing where you will live is a very personal and emotional decision, and for many buyers, it will be the largest investment they will ever make. My philosophy is to put the client first and raise the bar of personal service they receive by working with them in a partnership role toward their dream and goals in choosing a new home! Whether my client needs to Buy...Sell...Lease a home/condo/townhouse or apartment, I care about providing trustworthy, ethical and first class service! With Houston being the 4th largest growing city there is A LOT of ground to cover! Working with one of Houston's top brokerage firms gives access to knowledge of neighborhoods and lifestyles helping clients to save time in their search and assist the decision making process. My motto is "I do the leg-work...You do the living!" If you are making visits to the city to search and need a ride, I will even pick you up from the airport and take you around! SO, whether you need to BUY...Sell...Lease a home/condo/townhouse or apartment... I'm here to make it a good experience!

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