Q Roshel


The Epitome of a City Girl, Born and Raised in the Most Diverse City in the Country, I...Know...Houston! It's the City I Love.

I live here, work here, play here and as a Rental Locator, I am sincerely passionate about helping people find their new place to call home.
I have inside information on great deals & special offers at my fingertips, with daily updates to get you the best deal possible, whether leasing an apartment, loft, condo, town-home or house.

With a multitude of apartments to choose from & new construction in abundance, it can truly become overwhelming searching for the perfect place. Well I am here to do it for you, leaving no question unanswered.
I offer personalized tours if it better suits you. Not yet in the city? Moving to a new city isn't the easiest thing to do, but I am here to try and make the transition as smooth as possible, so, no need for a pause, I'm happy to offer video/facetime tours!

As a Leasing Locator, my help is COMPLETELY FREE of charge... you didn't miss any fine print. Properties are allotted advertising budgets & I am credited out of that budget if and only if YOU decide it's the right place for you. Simply write my name on the application as your referral source & Jolla! ...All parties are happy!

It may sound like a cliche when I say, that Q is truly "YourGoToApartmentLocator"!

Text/Call Me: 281-817-0000
Email Me: [email protected]
Follow Me/ IG: @qroshel

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