Tomaz Ramirez


Tomaz Ramirez chose Real Estate as a profession to make possible the brightest future for his family. He gets closer to that goal every day by going above and beyond to give each of his clients the excellent care and attention he or she feels they deserve. He succeeds with a magnetic personality and abilities that include patience, honesty, tenacity, and extreme diplomacy. Before becoming a Realtor, Tomaz was a restaraunt and store manager, a role that requires people skills, the aptitude to handle logistics and an understanding of the employees under your care. Tomaz is a military "brat" who was born at an air force base in Landsthul Germany. His close-knit family includes his wife Danielle and his daughter Jessie. His parents, who both work for the VA Medical Center in Houston and brother, who is also a realtor have had the greatest influence on his life with 100% support and the "most optimistic personalities I've ever encountered." In his spare time, Tomaz enjoys just relaxing and enjoying life with his wife and daughter.

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