Eric Chazarreta


With the Real Estate market forever changing I have added several different niches to my arsenal. Starting in property management in 2005, acquisitions, leasing, tax leans, foreclosures and short sales. My RE career has taken me across Texas to California as well, where my focus was distressed assets. I have learned the importance of DOMINATION in such a competitive space and have decided to let all others compete. With so many changes in the Houston market I have made it my duty to learn how to adapt with these changes as to benefit my clients needs and wants. That extends not only from market knowledge but marketing strategies as well as technological innovations in our industry. With so much development & growth happening all around the City of Houston it is not only important to be informed but it is imperative to get involved. The experience of leasing, buying, selling or investing should be of enjoyment and fulfillment. Put your trust in myself and my team and I can assure you, I will not have to ask for it again! Eric Rocky Chazarreta 281.702.3009 [email protected]

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