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What can I say about Raul... Well allot actually he was available, hugely available. My Girlfriend kept telling me to leave him alone, your asking to many questions he's not gonna want to help us. Raul answered all of them! Within minutes, regardless of what day or time of day it was! He listened when we were upset at complex agent who were rude, he even went and spoke with their management to try and smooth things over. I changed my move date, I changed my price point and I even changed my idea of what we were looking for! Raul never missed a step he was right there encouraging us to make sure everything we wanted was included, so in the end we didn't settle we got a great deal on an awesome apartment. I a year or two I'll be ready to buy a condo or house and I'm certain I'll be giving Raul a call because in my mind there is nobody out there better.

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