Andrew Weiland


Hello! I’m Andrew and would love to help you find your new home! Having been born and raised in Houston I know all the hot spots of this GREAT city. I was brought up in the suburbs of Clear Lake and NASA was my playground as a kid. As an adult, I moved in to the Inner Loop with my partner and have hopped around from Midtown, later to The Galleria, and now our home in The Heights. All are fantastic areas and have their own charming idiosyncrasies. Having lived in these most popular areas of Houston, I know that I can find the perfect apartment, condo, or house for you. I have five strong years working in The Houston Metropolitan area hospitality industry and have built a solid rapport with restaurant chefs, bars owners, night life promoters, shopping, and local businesses. If I’ve learned anything about living in the fourth largest city in The United States is: everything is actually bigger in Texas and if it ain’t from Texas it’s an import!

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