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Search Houston Townhomes For Sale

The Houston real estate market has a wealth and diversity of properties to choose from. One particular real estate option that is appealing to many buyers is the townhome. The townhome is a prime choice for many of Houston’s home buyers because it is an economical option in just about every area of town. Houston Townhomes feature plenty of square footage to host parties and relax, while the exterior and interior designs give buyers a rich palate from which to work in order to create their perfect home experience. Houston, Texas’s largest city, has many townhomes for sale in a variety of neighborhoods that each boast their own sets of advantages and perks. Picture floor plans with Texas-sized appeal, modern upgrades and old-world charm.

The Appeal of the Townhome

For many, the look of the townhome is the image of the traditional family home. With an attractive front elevation, large rooms and plenty of space for a family to spread out and relax, the townhome has plenty of appeal. Whether you opt for a vintage townhome with old-style charm and unique architechtural features, or a new and ultra-modern townhome with an open floor plan and all the latest in trendy interior design, the townhome is a great option. This type of house works well for families, but it isn’t just strictly designed for a home owner with a growing family. The townhome is great for couples, business professionals, and even the individual home buyer who is looking to build a life for themselves. Houston is certainly a great place to settle down and plant some roots.

Houston Townhomes for Sale

There are many Houston townhomes for sale for buyers to choose from. One such area of the city that is known for their handsome and sprawling townhomes is the River Oaks section. Located in Central Houston, the River Oaks area is home to some of the most appealling real estate options in Houston. This area is peppered with trendy boutiques, top-rated restaurants and plenty of entertainment options to choose from. Another Houston neighborhood that offers attractive townhomes is the Galleria section. Galleria is attractive to many home buyers due to the amazing local shopping and dining options. This section of the city to home to the Galleria Mall, as well as hundreds of other retailers, boutiques and entertainment venues. Other popular Houston areas for townhomes include ...